Forest Fact: About one third of the U.S.747 million acres are forested. That’s about two thirds of the forest land that existed when Columbus discovered America


Schaller Hardwood Lumber Company with its extensive milling capabilities at its Poplar Bluff locations has the ability to meet the stringent demands of its customers just-in-time inventory needs. The millwork equipment located in our Poplar Bluff locations includes two 36" Oliver-Strait-O planners, one Newman S-282 planner, two Eckstrom Carlson straight line rip saws, one Diehl straight line rip saw, one Mereen Johnson dip chain gang rip saw, and two whirlwind cut-off saws.


The 36" Oliver-Strait-O planner offers a unique combination of being both a surfacer and joiner. The Oliver-Strait-O planner has two helical heads, the first head being the bottom head, the second head being the top head approximately three feet behind the first head. The lumber floats over the first head much like lumber would float over a joiner head. By having the lumber float over this first head without being pressed against the bed of the planner the cup in the lumber is reduced or eliminated. The second head placed three feet behind the first head controls the finished thickness of the surfaced lumber. Lumber surfaced on a Oliver-Strait-O planner offers the customer two distinct advantages, the lumber received is flat and straight, and if the lumber contained an excessive amount of cup or warpage the lumber will not surface clean at a standard thickness thus being pulled out of the finished order. The Newman S-282 planner is located at our kiln-drying yard. The Newman S-282 is a high speed, double helical headed planner. This planner is used to surface the lumber discharging from our dry kilns to a hit or miss surface thickness of 15/16". Surfacing the lumber right off sticks out of our dry kilns offers our customers several distinct advantages. By surfacing the lumber we are better able to identify any kiln drying defects and below grade material. The lumber packaged into bunks after surfacing to hit or miss 15/16" stays flatter and straighter because all the lumber is of a uniform thickness, whereas rough lumber tends to vary in thickness causing many boards to warp or cup in storage.



The Eckstrom Carlson Straight line-rip saws are able to straight-line rip lumber up to the thickness of 3-13/16". Lumber ordered from Schaller Hardwood Lumber Company is measured before straight-line ripping. The loss of footage, when straight-line ripping lumber, will vary from 6%-10% depending on several variables. The width average of the lumber will be one of the factors determining the loss, the narrower the lumber the greater the percentage of loss. Another factor will be the straightness of the lumber, lumber containing bowed boards will have a greater percentage of loss. The grade of lumber being straight-line ripped will also be a determining factor, FAS&1F lumber tends to have a lesser percentage of loss when compared with #1 Common lumber. The length of the lumber also has an effect on the amount of straight-line rip loss, the longer the lumber, the greater the percentage loss.

The Mereen Johnson dip chain gang-rip saw has the capability of ripping up to 3" thickness lumber. At Schaller Hardwood Lumber Company we are able to rip multiple widths from 3/4" to 11-1/4". The Mereen Johnson dip chain gang-rip provides a glue edge on all edges of the lumber being gang-ripped to size. As is the case with the straight line ripping lumber the lumber is measured prior to gang ripping. The loss of footage when gang-ripping lumber is dependant on the same variables as straight-line ripping with the additional factor being the gang-rip width.

The two whirlwind cut-off saws located at Yard #2 in Poplar Bluff allow Schaller Hardwood Lumber Company to offer its customers the option of cut-to-length stock. The whirlwind saws are able to cut up to 3" in thickness and up to 12" in width. For pricing of cut-to-length stock contact your sales professional.

Schaller Hardwood Lumber Company does not have a moulder on premises, however Schaller Hardwood does offer mouldings run by third party manufacturer. The use of third party manufacturers allows us to offer our customers the option of using a wide variety of stock mouldings provided by the manufacturers and the selection of the manufacturer best suited to provide the quality moulding desired. In addition, Schaller Hardwood Lumber Company inventories a 2-3/4" crown moulding in most of the popular species of lumber.


 Forest Fact: 14.5 million acres of forest land in Missouri or 32% of the total 44.1 million Missouri acres




Surfacing two sides to: 15/16", 7/8", 13/16" 50/M or .05@bd. ft.

Surfacing two sides to: 25/32", 3/4" 75/M or .075@bd. ft.

Surfacing two sides to: less than 3/4" 100/M or .10@bd. ft.

Surfacing two sides to: Lumber 2" or thicker 100/M or .10@bd. ft.

Minimum surfacing charge for less than 200’ per thickness $10.00 per thickness

Straight line-rip 1 edge (SLR1E) 60/M or .06@bd. ft.

Minimum SLR1E for less than 200’ $15.00


Gang-rip to width for 500’ quantities or more 100/M or .10@bd. ft.

Gang-rip to width for quantities under 500’ 100/M or .10@bd. ft.

Plus $20.00 set-up

S4S through moulder for 3000 lf or more of one size .12@lf.

S4S through moulder for quantities of less than 3000 lf. Per size .12@lf. Plus $125.00

Profile mouldings quoted per job