Forest Fact: Red and white oaks, the hickories, and elms make up nearly three fourths of Missouri’s total forest.


Poplar Bluff, MO

Schaller Hardwood Lumber Company has six locations, Yard #1 in Poplar Bluff, Yard #2 in Poplar Bluff, the St. Louis Distribution Center, Southwest Missouri Distribution Center (Marionville, MO), Tulsa OK Distribution Center and our newest warehouse just opened in the Springdale, AR area.

Yard #1 in Poplar Bluff is the main facility of the company. Yard #1 houses the majority of the kiln dried lumber inventory, is responsible for lumber order preparation, responsible for supplying both the St. Louis and Southwest Missouri Distributions Centers with lumber inventory, does all straight line ripping and gang ripping of lumber, does all surfacing of lumber to customer specifications on two 36" Oliver Strato Planners, houses a substantial sheet goods inventory, and is the location of Schaller Hardwood Lumber Company’s General Office.

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Yard #2 in Poplar Bluff is the kiln drying facility for Schaller Hardwood Lumber Company. Schaller Hardwood Lumber Company is one of the very few hardwood distribution yards, which operates its own drying facility. By operating our own drying facility, Schaller Hardwood Lumber Company is in control of the product from the time the lumber is cut till it arrives at your door. Controlling the drying process at our own facility, rather than at a commercial dry kiln or a sawmill dry kiln, allows the lumber to be dried at a slower pace with no short cuts being taken in the drying process or the conditioning stages. Schaller Hardwood has found that the multiple steps involved in the drying and grading process being controlled at our own facility lends itself to the production of a more consistent, better conditioned, high quality product. Yard #2 is home to over one million feet of lumber air-drying on the yard, six dry kiln chambers of 40,000 bd. ft. capacity each, for a total of 240,000 bd. ft. kiln drying capacity, one automated lumber stacker, one grading station with a 80’ green chain, one dip tank for control of lumber stain, and one automated lumber breakdown chain with a Newman S-282 planner for hit or miss surfacing as the lumber comes off sticks.

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St. Louis, MO      


The St. Louis Distribution Center is a warehouse and sales office facility dedicated to the service of the St. Louis Metropolitan Area. This facility inventories a wide range of sheet goods and a hardwood lumber inventory selected to meet the area’s unique requirements.                       

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Marionville, MO

The Southwest Missouri Distribution Center is a warehouse and sales office facility dedicated to the service of Southwest Missouri, including the cities of Springfield, Ozark, Nixa, Republic, Aurora, Monett, Neosho, Carthage, and Joplin. This facility inventories a wide range of sheet goods, a hardwood lumber inventory tailored to the area’s unique requirements.  

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  This warehouse facility will service the greater Tulsa area with local deliveries along with stocking a large variety of sheet good materials along with hardwood inventories geared to our customers needs. Stop by and see our sales professionals at 6539 East 46th Street in Tulsa.

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Springdale, AR.

  This facility will service  the Springdale, Rogers and Fayetteville Arkansas areas offering sheet goods and hardwoods that will help customers in that area have a quick and easy supply of whatever stock they may need. Feel free to call of visit our Springdale warehouse located at 1609 North Old Missouri Road in Springdale.

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