Schaller Hardwood Lumber Company

Trademark License Code FSC-C023087


    On December 31, 2008 Schaller Hardwood Lumber Company completed the certification process for the Forest Stewardship Council and received our FSC® chain of custody certification. In today's ever changing markets Schaller Hardwood is endeavoring to provide the materials that meet today’s demand of “Going Green”.


FSC® is the most widely recognized third-party certification system, and the only certification recognized by the US Green Building Council (USGBC) Leadership Environmental Design (LEED) program.


FSC ® model of certification allows products that flow from certified forests to enter the marketplace with a credential that is unique. Any FSC® labeled product can be traced back to a certified source. This aspect of the system is the basis for any credible certification system and is the link between consumer preference and responsible, on the ground forest management..


Schaller Hardwood is now carrying FSC® certified lumber in stock and our plan is to continue building our FSC® certified inventories. With our growing inventories and access to virtually any specie of FSC® certified lumber, hardwood plywood and MDF, Schaller Hardwood will be able to provide you with accurate and on time delivery.


If you have any inquiries or questions concerning FSC® certified material please feel free to contact your sales representative or call our office at 1-800-325-8526 for further information.